Community: changing spaces

A month ago I moved to a small town in Washington state after living in large cities (San Francisco, Chicago) for 7 years. The change of scenery and pace has been great, and I am happy to enter a community with a high esteem.

Austin, Chicago
When I moved into a studio space in Austin last year, I was worried and afraid that the introduction of such a large building being taken over by artists would begin the unforgiving cycle of gentrification, and at the same time, excited to imagine the opportunities I would have to interact with a community that I wasn’t very familiar with. 2018 threw me in a bit of a limbo as we deliberated a potential move to another state, while I was getting used to working in a different store at what was my then full-time job. Studio was put on the back-burner and with it, my aspirations for community involvement.

High Strung & Burnt Out
I love Chicago. Chicago turned me into a functioning adult at whatever costs. Unfortunately those costs were stress, long commute times, and high rent prices. Between those things, bank accounts that were not growing, and having to answer phone calls at 5am way too often, I came to the reluctant conclusion that I was hella burnt out (I live in the west now, so I’m allowed to say it). I didn’t want to go, heck, I spent a lot of the last month when we had already decided that we were GOING to GO saying that I didn’t want to go. Change happens and we gotta go with it, so that’s what I did. Before ever visiting I got on an airplane with a one way ticket to Seattle and am writing this after almost one month in a different time zone.

The transition has been long and arduous. I have spent much of the last month traveling the state of Washington (with a four day trip to Los Angeles), but living in a place with a smaller population has me feeling pretty refreshed and mostly eager. I am excited to be in a place with hill and mountains again, and am stunned regularly by how many TREES there are (literally, everywhere).

next up – grays harbor county living

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